Make your move to the Southern Hills!  Quickly find information about real estate, housing rentals, climate, education, and amenities in the area.

It’s easy to find real estate agents who can help you find housing in the the Southern Hills.

One of the main benefits of living in the Southern Hills is the climate.  Summers are sunny and warm, perfect for enjoying the outdoors.  Falls are cool and crisp, making exploring the fall foliage an experience to remember.  Winters are generally mild, but snowfall is common.  Springs are mild and pleasant.

The Southern Hills has strong school systems providing exceptional education.  Click here to learn more about the education system.

Looking to build or renovate a home?  Construction companies in the Southern Hills can help build your dream home.

Hot Springs provides many amenities and services to citizens in the Southern Hills:

  • Public Library
  • Public Golf Course
  • City Services
  • Municipal Airport

Give us a call: 605-745-3551

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